Energy crisis and conservation of energy

Energy crisis:
• The problem that arises when the consumption of energy is very high and the available sources are limited is called energy crisis which is also known as ‘run out’ of energy.
• In other words, the acute scarcity of energy sources due to overuse by growing population is called energy crisis.
• Population growth and over exploitation of the non-renewable resources of energy are the causes of energy crisis.
• In the present day world, about 35% of the world’s energy demand is demand is being fulfilled by mineral oil and 27% by coal.
• The use of fossil fuels has been increasing at a rapid rate (2.3% every year) and if the present consumption rate increment continues, all the explored and unexplored oil reserves would deplete or exhaust by 2070 AD.



Causes of energy crisis:
• Rapid consumption and over use of fossil fuels by the growing population.
• Limited reserve of fossil fuels found in nature which if exhausted cannot be replenished in short time.
• Lack of developing and using alternative and renewable sources of energy.
• Improvement or advancement in industrial and agricultural sector due to technological inventions.
• Misuse of energy and less efficiency of fuel consuming devices and machines.

Conservation of energy:
• With the growth of modern civilization and increasing population, the consumption of energy has been increasing.
• We are using fossil fuels or non-renewable sources of energy at much faster rate than their rate of formation.
• It is high time that we use our energy resources like coal, petroleum and natural gas wisely and economically.
• It is our duty to save fuel for our future generation.
• The economic and wise use of energy saving them for our future generation is called energy saving or energy conservation.

Some ways of conservation of energy:

  • Reduce our dependence on non-renewable sources of energy.
  • Save fuel by keeping our vehicles in good condition.
  • Promote cycling and walking.
  • Developing and using alternative sources of energy like solar energy, hydro-power, wind energy etc. to replace the conventional energy sources.
  • Developing and using devices which can be operated by renewable sources of energy.
  • Wise and economic use of existing and available sources of energy.

Energy crisis and conservation of energy