Differences between frog and toad

S.N. Frog Toad
1. Frog lives in or near water resources. Toad lives in dark, shady place in grass or under stones and leaves.
2. It is active by day (diurnal). It is active by night (nocturnal).
3. They lay eggs in a mass or bunch. They lay eggs in a long chain like fashion.
4. Skin in moist, smooth and slimy. Skin is dry, rough and warty.
5. Skin also helps in respiration (respiratory). Skin doesn’t help in respiration (non-respiratory)
6. Skin contains numerous mucous glands. Skin contains numerous poison glands and few mucous glands.
7. Body is olive-brown with irregular dark patches. Body is ash-grey in color.
8. Head is triangular. Head is circular.
9. There are no parotid glands. There are two parotid glands behind the tympanum.
10. The legs are longer with digits containing well developed webs. The legs are shorter and the webs are rudimentary (reduced).
11. The feet are adapted for leaping and swimming. The feet are adapted for walking.
12. Frogs have vomerine teeth in the upper jaw. Toads don’t have teeth.