Differences between Hare (Lepus) and Rabbit (Oryctolagus)


S.N. Hare (Lepus) Rabbit (Oryctolagus)
1. It is a normad, staying temporarily at some sheltered spot behind a stone or under a bush. It is a fossorial animal, living in a permanent home, which is a burrow of its own excavation in the ground.
2. The pinna is longer and has a black tip The pinna is comparatively short and is without a black tip.
3. The hind limbs are longer. The hind limbs are shorter.
4. In the fore limbs, the radius is longer than the humerus and the claws are not so strong as in rabbit. In  the fore limbs,  the radius is shorter than the humerus and the claws are very stout for digging.
5. It is solitary in nature. It is gregarious in nature.
6. The young ones at birth are quite strong, have fur and have open eyes. The young ones at birth are weak, without fur and are blind.
7. It is a good runner and can keep up a great speed for a long distance. It is a good runner, but can run swiftly only for a short distance. For this reason, it never ventures far from its burrow.
8. The danger signal is a sound produced by grinding the incisors against each other. The danger signal  is a sound produced by thumping the ground with the hind limbs.
9. There is no groove on the incisors of the upper jaw. The incisors or the upper jaw are marked by a vertical groove on the outer surface.
10. It doesn’t thrive in captivity. It forms a good domestic pet.
11. It usually feeds at night, i.e. nocturnal. It usually feeds at dusk and dawn, i.e. crepuscular